Irma, 25 years

"Therapy with Miriam can be described as a vast, safe playground. She often surprises me with the many methods and diverse exercises she employs. The creativity and knowledge are palpable. There is ample space for exploration, and a good balance between navigating with my needs within the therapy and Miriam taking the lead in the sessions herself. It has always felt secure and nurturing in all sessions. She articulates her observations very clearly but gently encourages you to organically feel the insights for yourself. I sense that Miriam is genuinely interested and passionate about what she does. Her sincere sense of wonder permeates the sessions, often bringing laughter and lightness to the 'weightiness.' Grateful to embark on this exploration with Miriam, and I would wish this experience for everyone!"

Jon, 24 years

“I was Miriam’s client for about 7 months, and I am very grateful for this opportunity. She helped me a lot to learn ways to connect more with my body and my emotions, and she guided me through beautiful inner child work that I am still finding very useful. It was obvious to me that she had found great benefits herself in Primal Rebirth Therapy and that she was passionate about helping me with it. I am still using the things I learned with her in my day-to-day life, and it has made a massive difference for me. I greatly recommend her as a therapist, she is a very attentive, compassionate, and caring person, and I am sure that many others will benefit as much as I did from her work!”

Yoram, 24 years

The sessions with Miriam have always felt right for me. During the sessions, Miriam offers me a trusting and safe place where I can explore where my needs lie. In this, she knows how to give me that which can help me towards a deeper connection with myself.

Because of Miriam's loving and safe attitude, I was able to learn an incredible amount about myself and gain more and more insight into old convictions, enabling me to let go of them. She can be critical, but at the same time feels safe and secure. Thanks to these sessions I have gained a deeper connection with my inner child, my body and with myself. A connection that I didn't realise I was missing at first, but now get to know again. I am learning ways to make this connection more and more often, and despite the resistance I sometimes feel, I feel a lot of trust.

I have always felt with Miriam that I am allowed to take space in what I need. The sessions have a wonderful balance between serious moments and light-heartedness, are playful yet allow for vulnerability.

Piet, 35 years

""The sessions were loving and gave me clear insights. I walked out the door relaxed every time."