About me

My story

My name is Miriam Terbonßen, 29 years old, and together with my partner I live in Groningen, Netherlands. I would like to tell you my story about why I am so passionate about bodywork and how this approach has helped me to feel at home in my own body again.

I grew up in Germany, near Dortmund, in an environment that was characterized by a real "working-class atmosphere''. The emphasis was on achievement, intellect, and especially meeting the norm. I learned to behave as was expected of me, and put all my attention outside myself. I learned to care for others and to sense their needs so that I fit into the image others expected of me. I suppressed my own feelings and perspectives. In return, I received confirmation and love, so I did what was necessary for that. This is how I survived in my environment at that time. However, as I approached adolescence, I became deeply unhappy and literally sick. My body sounded an alarm: the pent-up emotions and restrained movements became lodged in my body and turned inward. The realization of this only came to me later, when I truly learned to inhabit my body and listen to its signals.

Driven by my quest for my own identity and the question of why the world is the way it is, I chose to study Psychology. At the age of 18, I took the step out of my family system to the neighboring country, the Netherlands. From that moment on, a phase of awareness and inner development began. Although my studies at a cognitive level provided some answers to my questions, fundamental issues remained unanswered. These answers were beyond intellect, beyond theories and facts. Despite not being able to precisely articulate what I was searching for, I continued to seek.

During and after my studies, I traveled a lot. My journeys brought me into contact with different cultures, deepened my love for nature, and broadened my perspective on the world. They introduced me to various forms of meditation and spirituality. However, I painfully experienced that no matter where I was, my own sense of home remained elusive, even on the other side of the world, no matter how long I sat on a meditation cushion.

Back in the Netherlands, during my graduation period, I came into contact with the training program for body-oriented therapy at the AUMM institute. Without a clear idea of what awaited me, I felt deep inside that I might find my answers here. Five intense years of training followed. What makes this program unique is the strong emphasis on personally experiencing and embodying this form of therapy. The knowledge I now impart in my practice is experiential knowledge. A fundamental value to which I am committed as a therapist is that I consistently reflect on myself, passing on what I personally live. I continue to deepen my expertise in my field, attend additional trainings, and regularly participate in supervision and intervision. This way, I can truly be there for you and be a clear mirror for you.

In the training, I learned how to take my own inner child by the hand. I discovered how to create space for my own movements, allow my emotions, and bring my inner world outward. I learned to understand my boundaries and discovered what I wanted and didn't want. As an adult, I reclaimed my place. I started inhabiting my body again and found my home. My body is a haven where I can always return. Like the roots of a tree, my body gives me stability to explore life. 

Primal Rebirth Therapie Groningen

Because the body-oriented approach has been so profoundly helpful in my quest for self-discovery, I feel a strong desire to pass on my experience. It is my mission to guide others in learning to listen to their bodies in relation to their personal challenges. I wish for everyone to rediscover the ability to trust what the body communicates, to come home again and find peace there. From this foundation, we can lead a rich, fulfilling, connected, and loving life. With my work, I aim to contribute to this goal.

With my experience, passion, and knowledge in both psychology and body-oriented therapeutic work, I create a safe space for your journey. Attuned and with careful consideration, I align with your needs and personal situation. 

It is a deep belief of mine that you already carry all the wisdom within you that you need to take the next step. I journey with you, sometimes nudging you forward, or holding up a loving mirror. So that you can reconnect with your own knowing, your own truth. Your home.

The core values from which I work, are: 

  • Compassion
  • Thoroughness
  • Truthfulness
  • Presence
I offer therapy in Dutch, English, and German.

If you'd like to know more about me, have further questions, or would like a free introductory meeting, feel free to contact me.

I am here and warmly welcome you. ♡

"Before you tell me how you teach and preach, show me how you live and give."

Some facts about me

  • In my free time, I love everything related to creating. From painting to making jewelry, cooking, knitting... I also enjoy incorporating my creativity into shaping the therapy sessions. 
  • Additionally, I engage in gardening and processing wild herbs. If you were to look into my kitchen at home, you'd find a myriad of dried herbs and tinctures. The teas I offer during my sessions often have a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • I love dancing! Almost every morning, I move to a song to ground myself in my body. My favorite music to dance to is oriental, with plenty of drums. You might encounter this music in the sessions as well.
  • Do you have another question about me? Feel free to ask!


2013-2017  Bachelor of Science Psychologie, Universiteit Twente

2018-2019  Master of Science Psychologie, Rijksuniverisiteit Groningen

2019-2020  Coach for adolescents with autism, Team 050

2029-2023  Primal Rebirth Therapy, AUMM institute

2021-2022  Psychologist, Interbeing Psychologists

2024-nu      Training body-oriented trauma therapy,  AUMM institute