Complaints Procedure

Of course, it may happen that you are not satisfied with the counselling you have been offered. This is not pleasant for both parties but especially not for you. The professional organisation SBLP (Stichting Beroepsorganisatie voor Lichaamsgeoriënteerde (Psycho)therapie) has therefore listed what you can do if you have a complaint. You can also find these steps in this document .

STEP 1: Discuss (if possible) your dissatisfaction with me first. Together we will try to look for a solution that is satisfactory to you.

STEP 2: If we have not been able to find a solution, you can report your complaint to a counsellor of the SBLP. You can contact them via this form The contact person will help you clarify the complaint, support you - based on a clear roadmap - and explore the options to reach a settlement between you and me as your therapist. This may mean that we reconnect again about the matter. 

STEP 3: It may also mean that you want to make a formal complaint. The complaint is then passed on to an independent complaints officer. Together with you, the complaints contact person will ensure a clear complaint formulation and will forward the information - in a secure environment - to the independent complaints officer of the body I am affiliated with under the Wkkgz (Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act). With the Wkkgz, the government has ensured an accessible complaints system. The law ensures that clients can rely on good care and a proper, quick and accessible handling of complaints and disputes.

STEP 4: If this still does not provide a satisfactory solution you can file a dispute with the independent Complementary Disputes CommitteeI am affiliated with. There is a charge for this.

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