Coming home to your body

A solid foundation is the key to growth

Practice for body-based psychotherapy

Can you sometimes feel...

  • Stuck in your head?
  • Overwhelmed by emotions?
  • Overwhelmed by intense mood swings?
  • Insecure in contact with others?
  • Afraid to let go of control?
  • Insecure in or about your body?
  • Overstimulated because everything comes in so intensely?
  • Numb and disconnected from your inner world?
  • Excessively tense or very tired?

Then bodywork might be something for you!

We experience the world through our bodies. When you've (partially) lost connection with your body, you lose contact with your emotions, your boundaries, and your own truth. Body-oriented therapy can support you in restoring the connection with yourself, allowing you to relearn to trust what you feel. In this way, your body can once again become a safe home base from which you can explore life.

What can it bring you?

  • Awareness of your patterns, allowing more space for a new choice
  • Greater body awareness, enabling you to more frequently and quickly sense what you do or do not want
  • More peace in your mind
  • Increased capacity to hold uncomfortable feelings
  • More energy and joy in life. Increased connection with your essential qualities 
  • More trust in yourself and in life
  • More connection with yourself and others

Would you like it if I journey with you for a while and support you in your process? 

Feel free to contact me and schedule a free introductory meeting to explore whether there is a click.

Coming home to my body - my story

My name is Miriam, and the quest for finding 'my home' has occupied me for as long as I can remember. From a young age, I've been on this search, only later realizing that it was a journey back to myself. After completing my schooling, I chose to move from Germany, where I grew up, to the Netherlands to study Psychology. Meanwhile, traveling became a great passion of mine. Throughout, I carried the big question always at the top of my backpack: 'Where is my home?' The study provided me with many theoretical insights, and the travels greatly broadened my perspective on life. However, I could not truly find an answer to this question until I landed back in my body through body-based therapy. I know it may sound cliché to hear that 'Your home is within yourself.' And yes, it is true. If you do not reside in your body, you remain disconnected from your home, no matter where you are.

As a psychologist, I worked for a while in conventional healthcare. Within my role, I tried to emphasize the importance of body-oriented work. Unfortunately, I discovered that there is limited space for this approach within conventional healthcare. There, assistance is primarily approached from the mind, through cognitive behavioural therapy. Of course, that is essential, as progress can be made through conversations and a cognitive approach. However, your body is just as important as your mind. Muscle tensions, body posture, breathing – your body tells a lot about your life story. In areas where words may be lacking, your body can let you feel what it needs.

For this reason, I chose to establish my own practice as an independent practitioner and consciously work without strict protocols. My goal is to fully align with your unique situation from my body-oriented perspective. In my practice, you are warmly welcome with everything you carry. I provide a loving and safe space for your personal journey. With attention and care, we collaboratively tune in and explore what can support you in taking the next step.

I offer therapy in Dutch, English, and German.

"Together, we embark on a journey of discovering the story of your body. What makes you who you are? Why do you act the way you do? Your body carries many answers to these questions. I am here to guide you in learning to listen to them."

"Body-oriented therapy is the journey from surface to depth, from tension to relaxation, from unconscious to conscious"

Experiences of my clients:

Irma, 25 years, NL

"Therapy with Miriam can be described as a vast, safe playground. She often surprises me with the many methods and diverse exercises she employs. The creativity and knowledge are palpable. There is ample space for exploration, and a good balance between navigating with my needs within the therapy and Miriam taking the lead in the sessions herself. It has always felt secure and nurturing in all sessions. She articulates her observations very clearly but gently encourages you to organically feel the insights for yourself. I sense that Miriam is genuinely interested and passionate about what she does. Her sincere sense of wonder permeates the sessions, often bringing laughter and lightness to the 'weightiness.' Grateful to embark on this exploration with Miriam, and I would wish this experience for everyone!"

Jon, 24 years, DE

”I was Miriam’s client for about 7 months, and I am very grateful for this opportunity. She helped me a lot to learn ways to connect more with my body and my emotions, and she guided me through beautiful inner child work that I am still finding very useful. It was obvious to me that she had found great benefits herself in Primal Rebirth Therapy and that she was passionate about helping me with it. I am still using the things I learned with her in my day-to-day life, and it has made a massive difference for me. I greatly recommend her as a therapist, she is a very attentive, compassionate, and caring person, and I am sure that many others will benefit as much as I did from her work!”